New small flamingo paintings

I had purchased some 10×20″ canvases and though of smaller accent paintings with a tropical flair. The first two have a glaze of raw umber with glazing medium. After the painting is done, I brushed this brown glaze over the entire painting then before it dried, I brushed and wiped areas off before doing the last minute details with heavy accents.

These sell for 325.00 retail but for the month of August, they are on sale for $225. Contact me if you are interested.

Flamingo aged 20x10Flamingo in pond20x10Flamingo One Leg 20x10Flamingo Strut 20x10

Flamingos on my mind

Since I have a show in a couple weeks at the Grand Bohemian Gallery in St. Augustine called “Destination Paradise”, I decided to work a bit more on the theme of tropical birds and animals. The top painting is inspired by a photo I took while in Key West of two flamingoes in a arboretum. It is called “Rock Pond” and is a thick gallery wrap 24×36″.

Rock Pond 36x24

This painting is more fanciful with a dragonfly and two flamingoes. By the way, I looked up the proper spelling of the plural of flamingo can be flamingos or flamingoes.

This 40×16″ gallery wrap painting is called “Spring Joy”. It has metallic gold and irridescent touches throughout and looks more captivating with room lights.

Spring Joy 40x16

Here is the invitation to the upcoming show. Hope to see you!

Kessler-KESSMKT-0139-CORP_Gallery POSTCARD 1 pic HOR WHITE

Smaller Tropical Painting

“Having Lunch in the Cabana” is 30×15″ and a nice size for many areas of a home. This original acrylic painting on canvas was made up form memories of my trips to the West Indies. There is something challenging and yet freeing to work form memories alone.

Lunch in the Cabana 30x15

detailLunch in the Cabana detailLunch painting

Tropical Islands on my mind

This next weekend I will be traveling with some artist friends to the beautiful island of St. Kitts in the West Indies. We plan on painting plein air daily, enjoying the island and its residents. Last year we had so much fun and produced many fun tropical paintings.

Last week, I started a grouping of rather small paintings 12×24 and 10×20″ with a base of modeling plaster. I then added heavy strokes of acrylic paints with brushes and palette knives. The quick light strokes brushing over the raised plaster is actually fun. Try it!!

Since these little landscapes were made up from memories, I had the freedom to invent and imagine.


Finished the tweaking of these three palm paintings. First one is “Island Sail” is 16×20, next is Palm Golds 4×12″, and the last one is a very calming painting, 24×48″ called Magical Evening. It is part of the Palm Reflections series started a decade ago.