Tropical fantasies

Since I am just about to depart on a painting retreat for a week in St. Kitts, organized by my dear friend and fellow artist, Beth Haizlip…I have been in a tropical island mood. The scene was entirely made up but have glints of other island paintings that I have done recently. It takes many paintings to work out an idea and then coming up with plans for execution of the idea. Painting is not just “willy nilly” dabbing paint on a canvas. Each layer must be strategized and analyzed. I am trying to have each stroke of the brush be deliberate. There are layers of glazes in various colors between the wet brush strokes.

“Perfect Evening” is 40x16x1.5″ gallery wrap

Perfect Evening 40x16Perfect Evening detail

“Sunset Moonrise” is 40x30x1.5″ and expands on the idea of the previous work. I find the scene quite romantic as lovers stand on the porch of a little island cottage, watching the moon rise as the sun sets.

Sunset Moonrise 40x30


Sunset Moonrise moonSunset Moonrise ship

Mermaid triptych completed

“Reef Rhapsody” is a very large mermaid painting that I started several years ago. I had never been completely happy about the work so decided to continue the work. An entire week went by working and make improvements until I finally reached a point where I felt like she was done. The triptych consists of three 48×24″ panels so this painting would be a focal point in a room at 74×48″.

My website offers prints on various decor items, canvas and fine art prints with framing and nice finishing touches. Printing three gallery wrap canvases a larger or smaller size to fit your particular room is a nice option.

An older painting given a new life

“Fish in My Pond” is a 48×24″ painting that I created several years ago but I wanted to update it. Every year, I feel that I am a better artist having exploring different techniques and  working on many paintings. I really think it is more true to the original idea and more vibrant. What do you think?

fish in my pond 48x24

Here is the original which is much more abstract. I brushed clear gesso on the entire painting and actually re-painted every inch.

fish in my pond 24x48 2015

Detail of new painting.

fish in my pond detail

First Plunge for a Baby Sea Turtle

“First Plunge Baby VI” is a new 36″ square heavy gallery wrap, ready to hang. I am intrigued by how as soon as they hatch, the little sea turtles climb out of a mound of sand and instinctively make their way to the surf. Such brave little ones. I have been exploring making my brush strokes more impressionistic but deliberate.

first plunge baby vi 36x36

A Peaceful Tropical Landscape

Over the holidays, I painted this 30×48″ scene. I wanted to do an abstract painting originally but the more I worked on it, the more fantasy was added. After a few days, this emerged: a small landscape of the reflections on the water and the glow of the lights in the little house. It is called “Silent Night” and I hope the feeling it gives you is a positive one. The moon at the end of December was another inspiration that was incorporated.


silent night 48x30

detail of house

silent night house

Beach Landscape with Soft Abstract Sections

“Spring Surf” is a larger 48×36″x 1.5 gallery wrap. My intent for this painting was to have a central cameo of the surf which faded away to soft pastels and ivory.

It started with painting with flexible modeling paste and a palette knife. Then I made a glaze of raw umber and covered the dried plasters, making surf the details of the plaster were enhanced with the 3D textures. Then I made up a jar of unbleached titanium white, zinc white and very light blues and painted over the dried brown undertones.

This painting is available and would look great with your beach decor.

Spring Surf 48x36Spring Surf detailspring t detail

Mermaid painting completed for gallery in West Indies

“Close to the Surface” is a very large mermaid painting requested by Dales Original Art Gallery in Christophe Harbour on the island of St. Kitts. It is 60×48″ so will be stunning in a large room. I worked from dark to light in acrylics, starting with black gesso on the raw canvas.

Shipping is a big issue when shipping internationally so I purchased a large roll of primed premium canvas and stapled it to an existing stretched canvas for stability. Once completed, I pulled the staples out and rolled it on the large tube that the canvas came in with archival paper. Then, I discovered that tubes are a hard thing to obtain. I had gone to many stores trying to find a shipping roll that would house a 50″ canvas. UPS, UHAUL boxes, Box &Movers, Staples, Office Depot, Target, Home Depot….no luck. You can purchase them online but have to get quantities of 5.

After showing the gallery this painting, I was invited to share an international show in February with two other women artists: One from London and one from ST. Kitts. Its a show celebrating women and will be highlighting nudes. Then I thought since its so expensive to ship anything internationally and so difficult to find long shipping tubes, that I had better get going to complete two other large canvases to ship within the same tube. At this posting, one of the new ones is nearly completed and the third one is started.

Southern Landscape with Fisherman

“Highway” is a diptych with each panel 24×36″. Living in the southern part of the country, I have seen this scene many times where the marsh lands and intracoastal waterways meander through the landscape. A lone fisherman stands at the side of the grasslands as pelicans fly over in this peaceful landscape. Roads and railway bridges keep the traffic moving. This painting would take up 36×50″ on a wall.