Tropical fantasies

Since I am just about to depart on a painting retreat for a week in St. Kitts, organized by my dear friend and fellow artist, Beth Haizlip…I have been in a tropical island mood. The scene was entirely made up but have glints of other island paintings that I have done recently. It takes many paintings to work out an idea and then coming up with plans for execution of the idea. Painting is not just “willy nilly” dabbing paint on a canvas. Each layer must be strategized and analyzed. I am trying to have each stroke of the brush be deliberate. There are layers of glazes in various colors between the wet brush strokes.

“Perfect Evening” is 40x16x1.5″ gallery wrap

Perfect Evening 40x16Perfect Evening detail

“Sunset Moonrise” is 40x30x1.5″ and expands on the idea of the previous work. I find the scene quite romantic as lovers stand on the porch of a little island cottage, watching the moon rise as the sun sets.

Sunset Moonrise 40x30


Sunset Moonrise moonSunset Moonrise ship

Mermaid triptych completed

“Reef Rhapsody” is a very large mermaid painting that I started several years ago. I had never been completely happy about the work so decided to continue the work. An entire week went by working and make improvements until I finally reached a point where I felt like she was done. The triptych consists of three 48×24″ panels so this painting would be a focal point in a room at 74×48″.

My website offers prints on various decor items, canvas and fine art prints with framing and nice finishing touches. Printing three gallery wrap canvases a larger or smaller size to fit your particular room is a nice option.

Beach Landscape with Soft Abstract Sections

“Spring Surf” is a larger 48×36″x 1.5 gallery wrap. My intent for this painting was to have a central cameo of the surf which faded away to soft pastels and ivory.

It started with painting with flexible modeling paste and a palette knife. Then I made a glaze of raw umber and covered the dried plasters, making surf the details of the plaster were enhanced with the 3D textures. Then I made up a jar of unbleached titanium white, zinc white and very light blues and painted over the dried brown undertones.

This painting is available and would look great with your beach decor.

Spring Surf 48x36Spring Surf detailspring t detail

Accent paintings with Beach theme

On November 10, I am having a private show and cocktail reception in a friend’s lovely home in Ponte Vedra, Florida. I wanted to have a lot of smaller paintings since it is getting close to the holiday season ready fo the show which inspired these four new paintings. They range in sizes of 14×11, 20×16 and 20×10″. Affordable.

If any are of interest to you, contact me. I can ship anywhere.

Surf’s Up!

Finally completed this large beach painting, “Golden Reflection” is 60×48″ and a great size for a larger wall. The golden highlights shimmer a bit while you walk by it since the golds are metallic paints. This painting is currently available.

Golden Reflection 60x48

Golden Reflection- 60×48″

Golden ref decor

Gold detail8

detail of metallic golds

Golden Reflection detail

impressionistic brushstrokes

New life for beach paintings

Recently, I had second thoughts of whether a few older paintings were completed and decided to tweak them. There is nothing wrong with revisiting an idea and then seeing what may make a piece more interesting or possibly correcting an area that may have been wrong but I hadn’t seen it before. Usually it becomes more of a chore than I thought because fresh ideas come up as I improve a painting.

Cephlapod Joy is 36×36″

Cephlapod Joy 36x36

Rough Seas is 36×24″

Rough Seas 24x36

Sunrise Pipers is 40×30″

Sunrise Pipers 40x30the Seas before

Tide with Baby Sea Turtle

Recently sold this 36×24″ painting called ” Baby Sea Turtle in Shallows” to an art collector in Oregon. It was purchased through my Saatchi Art site. Saatchi is an online art gallery based in the UK and promotes worldwide. Its been a great site for me and I have new followers and collectors around the world. I have shipped paintings to Germany, England, France, Australia, St Croix and all over the United States. They take 35% of the sale which is better than the art galleries (50%). Think of this. When you purchase a painting from a gallery, only 50% goes to the artist. And from that the artist has expensive paint and supplies invested. On the other hand, a gallery or online gallery does support the artist, gives them exposure by advertising and doing the sales part so they should take a commission. Its hard enough concentrating on doing the art and adding the marketing and sales on top is frankly overwhelming. I am grateful for their help in getting my work exposure.

Baby Turtle in Shallows 24x36 sold

A little brighter

“Island Bar Blue Shutters” is 24x36x1.5 gallery wrap. Sometimes when doing a series, I find myself exploring additional techniques, experimenting with colors and glazes and working out issues from the past paintings in the series. This one I explored making all of the colors a bit more vibrant and actually not finishing details as much. I wanted deliberate brush strokes to be evident and not overworking an idea.

Island Bar Blue 24x36Island Bar Blue decorIsland Bar Blue detIsl bar Blue shutters prog