Sometimes ideas change

I started this gallery wrap with some modeling paste over their canvas and I sculpted shapes and ridges with my palette knife. The next day, I made a mixture of sienna browns, metallic micus oxide with glazing medium and brushed that over the dried three dimensional plaster. I always let the layers of my background textures and colorings dry completely.

The original idea in my head was to use these darks as an interesting texture underneath a very light abstract background with a huge Nautilis shell ghosted into the lights.

As I worked I realize that the Browns that I had put in the underpainting were quite lovely as they were ….and so my vision changed to this more robust and vibrant painting. The last stages were tweaking a few details and highlights and adding more metallic gold to certain areas. This painting is 24 x 24″

After I finally put the hanging hardware on and a final varnish it will be ready for sale. Check out my website at

Small accent paintings

Even though my paintings are getting larger these days, I still enjoy working on smaller accent paintings. Still I paint what I am drawn to…ocean related. These are all 12×12″ except for the Octopus which is 14″. The shell paintings are a series of three, sold together for 295.00. I also think that the shells would make nice images printed on fabric for pillows.

Tryptic of Underwater Sealife

Finally completed this commission that goes up a staircase. Each panel is 36×18″ and I had to figure out how tall the steps were and how many inches between the paintings as well as how far they were staggered. Trying to carry the scene over three panels was very difficult. The coral and seaweed needed to flow onto the next painting so I held the one canvas up 7″ to carry the scene over.

Cummings Underwater trypticCummings Underwater topCummings Underwater middleCummings underwater B 36x18

This was the four piece scene on the top of the collector’s wall that I did 8 years ago or so. I have tweaked all four now to go more with these three new ones, adding more detail and additional cool blues and toning down the orange by adding peaches and pinks. I will get photos next week of the transformation of the ABOVE WATER sequence.

Cummings wall layout sold

Paintings for friends

Life always seems to have its share of tragedies and joys. After the wonderful trip to England getting to know the new baby, I came home to one of my best girlfriends from high school passed. She and her husband were planning on visiting us in October from San Diego. I knew she was having brain surgery and was scared but I thought she would be fine. Shelly was a true creative soul with an abundant free spirit so I painted the surf with a butterfly to give to her husband and 5 daughters….heartbroken.

The seahorse painting is for a friend whose son has to have serious stomach surgery. Seahorses do not have a stomach evidently and my friend is now collecting seahorse artworks.

Gailo's Seahorse 10x20Shellys Butterfly

The English Countryside

Our kids own a lively kennel business in a little town in Hagley in the West Midlands. They can board 120 dogs and live in the old English manor. They have several acres and a lovely staff that comes daily to take care of all the animals. Emily and Matt work very hard to have this amazing life in the country.



We took several trips to Worcester, Ludlow and a Safari.

IMG_E6329worcester insideIMG_E6316worcester tints

They have three dogs of their own besides the kennels. Two 185 lb great danes and one chocolate lab. Bones, Chili and Java. I did a portrait for them of Bones.

dogsWest Midlands, England; Cole 2 months

Since the 2 month grandson, Cole slept a lot, I had time to paint paintings for his room. The turtle one is 48×24 and the one with the octopus and shark is 40×40″.

West Midlands, England; Cole 2 monthsCole paintings b

Silk Painting with my ARTISTIC CHICKSĀ© club

There are four artists in a club I started years ago where we meet monthly to try different artistic endeavors, teach each other art techniques and share ideas. Lisa Woodruff is a clay artist, Peg Paschal is an artist who transforms used items into sculptures and art, Deb McKinney is an illustrator, graphic designer and painter and I am a painter.

We have done mosaics, woodcuts, linoleum block prints, paintings, glass sculptures, tie dye clothes and other mediums. Deb was in charge of this meeting which took two days. She generously bought the supplies and did the tutorials. I recommend artists to form their own small groups. It calls for dedication, ability to work together well, and imagination to try different techniques.

First we had to build the frames to stretch the silk before we started to actually paint. Using PVC pipes and fittings, we cut the poles to the size of the scarf silk to be able to suspend. Then we used a resist to paint in areas that we wanted to have no fabric dye. Then…painted away.

asilk painting

I loved how everyone tackled the project differently and the final scarves so unique. We loved this so much that we will do another session in a couple months. Also we will be able to use all the dyes and the racks that we built. SO fun!!!details

final scarves